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The Serbatik Personal Protection Program (SP3) is designed to connect with the individual and tailor the method, concepts, and drills to the needs of that person.

In the traditional training method a person must adapt to the structure of the classroom environment. This may be difficult for some people. In the SP3, the individual goes through an evaluation to assess his/her true needs.

Everyone has a different need base. Through communication, the most precise and beneficial training program can be designed. Sometimes an individual works better in a one-on-one environment, at other times the reasons can be to address more complex situations.
• One-on-one preference
• Schedule difficulties
• Prior Conflict situation
• Situational training needed
• Physical difficulties
• Injuries, etc.

Whatever the situation, this course gives the person a training option that may not be available in the general training arena.

The Edge Martial Arts Academy also provides one-on-one instruction in a student-friendly atmosphere. Classes are customized to meet the individual needs and goals of our students. The personal class format allows for more direct communication between our students and trainers in a conversational setting. This interactive format allows the student to advance at her or his own pace, gaining knowledge through step-by-step practice and hands-on instruction.
Private classes can be ongoing or can be scheduled individually as part of your personal development.