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Serbatik (Ser-buh-teek) is a philosophy-based martial arts system, combining traditional styles (The Wisdom of the Ages) with modern applications (The Wisdom of Our Time.) We offer a variety of programs:
  • Group Classes
  • Children's Program
  • Private Classes
  • MMA/UFC Training
  • Wellness & Mobility
  • Combat Cross Training
Since 2001 our school has served the self-defense needs of people from all walks of life. Come see us today and begin your path of mastery!


Serbatik isn't just about drills, holds, and belts. It's about empowering people to "Stop the bad guy." We save lives, period. You don't need to be physically better than your attacker. In our art, we teach you to be smarter - intelligence over aggression. What will you do if you are attacked tomorrow? Serbatik provides answers. Our Art has a higher standard that works for all body types. If you want to live, we are the system for you.

6408 Clinton Highway
Knoxville, TN 37912
(865) 694-0301